Music Woofer TW-1000 のメイン画像

Music Woofer TW-1000のロゴ

   Music Woofer TW-1000

 This device enriches low frequency band in concert with Music Plate.

 In order to make this function effective, it is recommended that a woofer is placed on the hard fabric like a desk or flooring (a soft place like a carpet is not recommended because it absorbs a sound).


SpecificationTW-1000(amplifier built in)
SpeakerDriverFull range
Impedence8Ω + 8Ω
ConnecterVoice inputStereo mini jack
Power supply16V DC
SystemAmplifier14.5 + 14.5W (at stereo 10%)
Cut-off frq.(50,100,150,300,400,500,800,1000Hz,∞)
DimensionW300 mm H65 mm D150 mm
Total weight1.1kg
Unit and accessariesUnitMusic Woofer box
   this unit provid power & audio to Music plate
OthersAudio cord, DC connecting cord