Music Plate TS-1081 のメイン画像

Music Plate TS-1200のロゴ

      Gold leaf

 Gold has been used for temple, sculpture etc. as the symbol of eternity and constancy since an ancient days, and also used as a symbol of the power and luxury around the world.

  Gold leaf music plate is made in collaboration with craft workshop in Kanazawa, famous area as Kanazawa leaf. The thickness of a leaf is about 1-2 ten-thousandths mm, which can be achieved by a professional with excellent workmanship and other factors. We believe that gold leaf music plate shall make a life and heart of many people rich and gorgeous.    

Beautiful and soft form

To pull out the maximum sound performance, the wood plate curved by unique technology, and so it creates the
beautiful and soft form. You feel as if only curved plate would be there in the open space. That simple design integrates with other interiors, and colors the space.

Open type speaker with the sound from the plate

Converting a voice electric signal to a mechanical vibration, the sound comes out from a curved plate. It is a new type speaker, not requesting an enclosure like a speaker box. Not like a conventional speaker pushing the air like corn type, the vibration of the material like a music instrument spread to the space. Non-directional natural sound comes out, without
feeling an acoustic pressure. Two vibration components are built in the box, creating a strange space with the stereo sound through one plate.

A rich tone played by the material

String or percussion instrument plays individual tone. Likewise, the feature of the material reflects in the sound from the music plate. Clear high tone range from the hard-coated surface integrates into the rich middle tone range from the wood material, resulting in the creation of a rich sound.

Music Plate TS-1081の側面デザイン


TS-1200 / TS-1201,1081

SpecificationTS-1200TS-1201,1081(amplifier built in)
SpeakerDriverFull rangeFull range
Impedence8 ohm + 8 ohm8 ohm + 8 ohm
ConnecterVoice inputStereo mini jack
Power supply16V DC
SystemAmplifier14.5+14.5W (at stereo 10%)
DimensionW300 mm H430 mm D130 mmW300 mm H430 mm D130 mm
Total weight2.7kg2.75kg
Unit and accessariesUnitMusic boxMusic box
Music plateMusic plate
OthersAC adapter



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